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Originally Posted by Loki Love View Post
Your pup should not be off leash until he has a solid recall down and even then, I wouldn't trust my very well behaved Loki to be off leash in front of the house without a lead/fence - nevermind other dogs, the idea of cars scare me too much! Also, if you KNOW your dog has that reaction to other people and dogs, even more reason NOT to leave him off leash. It sounds like you are setting him up for failure and he's learning some habits and socialization that is going to be tough to fix unless you start intervening immediately. Be grateful the situation wasn't worse than it was - you don't need a 6 month old puppy with a dog bite history.

I would suggest contacting a few local reputable rescues and asking them for advice on training centres/individuals and behaviourists. You may not find someone in your local area directly, but sometimes a bit of a drive is well worth the effort

Good luck!
I was out grocery shopping with my hearing dog and an elderly blind man came into the store with his guide dog and a woman. I moved away my dog
and told him to stay and the guide dog saw my dog and started to pull the poor man back to play with my dog. It was good he had the woman with him to help with his guide dog. I was really surprise that guide dog tried to play with my hearing dog, I thought guide dogs where trained to know when they where working they could not play. This goes to show the no matter now much training a dog has they'll act like a dog .
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