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Originally Posted by marko View Post
Sushi, Steak tartar are just some of the meats that we humans eat RAW...we used to eat 100% of our meats RAw.... as dogs do when we feed them Raw or if they are feral and have access to meat.

But yeah... personally speaking, I hear you. I don't eat meat of any kind anymore, but when i did it was always well done.

My only point is that RAW meat and RAW food is likely the best diet out there for both dogs and humans. You just need to adhere to some basic precautions.
If I where to feed my dog raw meat I think I would want to buy it from a real good butcher , and made sure it's really fresh. My dad brought all our meat from a butcher and we had it delivered to our house. The guy came one time and no one was home so he left the box of meat in a room with our 2 dogs.
When we got back home both our dogs where passed out on the floor with bellies full of prime meat! That was the only time they got raw meat. The ground beef was so good you could eat it raw, but this was years ago before food was being recalled . Food is just not the same today.
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