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I've been giving this company free advertising (because I keep mentioning them lol) for about 18 months now.

My cat baci is a human garbage can and eats too fast. I do believe that he actually developed pneumonia this year because kibble (during a few times we didn't use the pipolino) got into his lungs from eating so fast.

But this slows him right down and has made him less obsessive about food. Highly recommended even though it's pricey (40.00) for what it is. It is well constructed though.

Normally a bowl of kibble would be inhaled in 1-3 minutes. That same amount takes nearly 12 minutes (so the cat feels fuller - both vets and human doctors will attest to the fact that when you eat too fast your brain doesn't send the same "full" signals versus when the meal takes longer to finish).

In general though - wet food is far better than dry because cats need extra water and it's there in the wet food. (My Baci gets a mix of wet and dry)

Hope that may help
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