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Still Frightened

Unfortunately, the melatonin isn't the magic cure that I had hoped. Even though we haven't had any storms or even any rain since last weeks trials, Honey is still having panic attacks. Because a couple of storms happened after bed-time, she now has made the connection between her bed and being terrified and has a panic attack One evening there was a boom of thunder just as she started eating her dinner - for two days afterward she didn't want to come to her bowl to eat. And as well as bed-time, night in general after we go to bed scares her. I have to give her a melatonin an hour before bedtime and so far it seems to take a bit of the edge off, but I don't know if those were just good nights for her or if it is really working. Last night she got into her bed all by herself and curled up for the night. After 30 minutes a truck went by and the trembling started - then soon after, the panting and full on panic attack. I got a melatonin in her and it took an hour for her to calm - but she left the room to stay out in the living room.
So I've basically tried everything I can try without our vet appointment and perhaps some prescription help. She can't live this way - and neither can I. It kills me that I can't comfort her or help her. I'll be researching all the possible precription drugs her vet might suggest and make sure that whatever he thinks might work, will be something I can be comfortable giving her. I hope I don't get tackles with a lot of disapproval from people. To just let Honey suffer this way is what would be wrong. And I would never give her anything that would be in anyway dangerous to her. But she is an old girl and she deserves to enjoy her last few golden years feeling relaxed, comfortable, and content. If a tiny bit of anxiety drugs is what is needed to reach that place for her, then that is what we have to do for her.

Thank you to everyone for all the great suggestions.
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