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Metroconizole (sp?) & persistent diarrhoea

Hi all, I joined this forum after reading a post on metroconizole. it's been prescribed for my 11 yo beagle. I've only given the first dose.. And was wondering how long it might take to work if anyone has used it before? My other beagle (7yo) has started to have the same symptoms.. The diarrhoea is runny, small to medium amounts, 4-5 times a day, yellows to brown in colour w traces of blood and very slimey. Both dogs are eating a bland diet, are a little more sleepy than they usually are but otherwise responsive. The diarhhea has persisted for a week for the older dog. The vet said he'd try him on anti bio in case it was giardia or a inflammatory bowel disease but hasn't run any blood tests or tests on stools yet. Love my beagles and worry about them when they're not well.
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