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Raw feeding with children at home?

Has been a while since I came by, but I have a dilema that members may be able to help out with...

Our GSD has been raw fed for years now but with two little kids at home I am worried about the safety of raw feeding.... my oldest is 1.5 and now that she is on the same level as the dog I find that i tend to keep them seperated for a few hours after the morning feed (evening is not an issue as his meal is past her bed time). Now that baby#2 is here and my oldest is getting more active it is getting more challenging keeping the dog and kids seperated for a few hours each day, as well as ensuring that he doesn't lick their toys/things...

for those that raw feed and have kids... how do you keep everyone safe and happy? or is it time to switch from raw feeding to another food for the mornings?

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