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Thank you all for your help and suggestions. Getting a second cat is not in the cards. I do have Parker in a small bedroom I use as an office/ closet which i have given up mainly for him right now. My husband was a huge help last night...he came upstairs after I send him a frustrated text and played with Parker non stop for about 45 minutes, it was great. He also spend a ton of time with him today while I was at work ( he had the day off). I did send a message to the breeder and she said that it takes more time for some cats to adjust then others.

She said that she would watch tv and spend time with them...maybe it was the flight that did it? I'm not sure.

I did hear the rescue remedy could help, but I was hesitant to give it to Parker as it is made mainly for humans. He seems pretty calm most of the time unless you move a hand or walk towards him, not sure if the rescue remedy will help with that.

I am sitting with Parker while he eats his dinner and he is only about 6 inches away, but still shys away a bit when I move. Patients is definitely a virtue and it seems that is the only way he is going to come around. He is already 10 times better than when we first got him.

He is soo cute!

I have to go out and get a back scratcher now.

Thanks again everyone. If there is anything else you can think of, I'm totally open to suggestions.
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