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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
So he's an angry drunk!

Treats are a good idea (within reason, of course.... and if you use healthier ones like 100% freeze-dried meat, even better), and if he likes peanut butter you can certainly give him a little taste off your finger.

A Feliway diffuser or 2 might help him feel a little less anxious, and flower essences (like Bach's Rescue Remedy or Jackson Galaxy's Spirit Essences) can also be useful.

Is another kitten an option? Do you have any other cats right now? Maybe Parker just feels insecure without another feline presence. Kitten season is starting to ramp up here.... you could rescue a little one in need of a home, about the same age but with a more outgoing personality, to be a positive influence on Parker.

Lastly, has the breeder been able to give you any input on the situation?
Maybe the OP could try being a foster parent to a kitty and see how their kitty get along with it before thinking of getting another one.
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