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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I'll look into those tips.

I just called the pharmacy in town and had them put a bottle of Melatonin 3mg tablets on hold for my husband to pick up on his way home. Honey's vet said to give it a try if the Benadryl doesn't work. I researched it and found that some dogs do benefit and there are very rarely any side effects in healthy dogs. It's worth a try.

I have the garage all set up for escape. A fan, a humidifier, and the air purifier all make a comforting hum that seems to help block out rain sounds some distant thunder sounds. I will also play some piano classical music or click on the TV at a good volume.

These storms are getting close and I'm actually feeling panic. I think I am getting a bit of a phobia of storms because of Honey's phobia. Maybe it is a phobia of her phobia. I'm pretty spooked of what is to come.

Hunker down - here it comes!! Wish us luck. And again - any others out there with thoughts on preventing negative health effects of cortisol flooding in phobic dogs - I'd love to hear them.
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