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Originally Posted by minmin12 View Post
Why is it so hard to let go of the passing of Zorba. In 4 days it is 4 months. I have video's of him and photographs but yet the tears do not stop. I miss him extremely. I had him when he was only 5 weeks old. His health had been deteriating. I am Jewish and we are not allowed to be cremated, this happened during winter. I could not keep his body in my yard I would have to be insane. I tried, begged, and prayed but in the end cremation. I wanted to bury him with his rug and some other items in the wilderness where he belonged. Now his remains are at the garbage dump and he had not been garbage I love him more than life itself. It won't allow me to upload his Photo.
I am Jewish too and I had my last dog cremated and I going to be cremated too and want our ashes mixed together and taken to my dog favorite park. I had people come up to when I was out with my last dog , who was my hearing dog and they would tell me about a Poodle they as child and that they still miss their years later. Our pets have a way of leaving their paw prints on our hearts forever. I am sorry for the lost of pet.
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