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thanks winston - it's worth a shot but like I mentioned sometimes she'll still do the meow call (maybe it is a "call"...I dunno) even after being fed. I wish I understood what she wanted.

That's the issue actually - it gets into a particular pattern that's just nuts. weird vocalizations and meows happen with some Sphynxes apparently. In my defense, lol, because I've been on the board for a few years - when I did my original research this part of their behaviour was not highlighted as much as it should be...Anyway it's just to highlight at this point that many sphynxes are way vocal.

My ideal goal would be to train her not to get into that high pitched repetitive meow pattern. (or discourage it by way of some sort of negative stimulus....or learn a better way to train the cat out of this)
The other small noises she makes are fine and the regular meows are fine. But this particular meow pattern... it's high pitched yet a bit guttural - almost seems as if it's some type of self-stimulatory thing. maaaaaaaauuuuh, maaaaaaaauuuuh, maaaaaaaauuuuh (at octave 9)

Does thing ring a bell for anyone?
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