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Originally Posted by mhikl View Post
Jull, here is a fairly good article on doggie anal glands.

I found it interesting.

You might want to check out YouTube video's on it. I would apply a warm compress or a warm hot-waterbottle or pad for twenty minutes or so before doing the job with rubber gloves. The one vet had the video set up so badly you couldn't see a darn thing. He wore gloves, and greased up before going into the anus at the four and eight o'clock position to do the squeeze. My vet used a mountain of cotton batting but I was never able to get it to work. I liked the article's better & thought it had some good ideas. (Will I ever be able to look at a clock the same again.)

Re garlic and onions. I used to eat them and thought they were healthy. However there are a number of interesting sites that claim otherwise. One suggested that WWI soldiers would rub garlic on their bullets so if one just winged an enemy he would die from the poison in garlic. What ever the truth is I gave up garlic though occasionally cheat. But I definitely wouldn't feed it to my pet.

Good luck. I like the warming idea also.
Thanks mhikl, I did actually used the warm compress with epsom salts and even though he didn't seem to like it, he was a champ and hang there until it was done I also used some of the silica remedy. And everything went back to normal, I am pretty sure the groomer visit from a week prior to that its what trigger the problem in the first place. I will have to make sure from now on to ask them to NOT touch his glands at all.

In addition, I have also switched their food to a meat that has more bone content than the other food they had. - And they both love it and are doing great on it.

I could never give up garlic, love it too much! - I think is all on how you feel about it, see, I drink coffee every single day, cannot live without it, yet somedays doctors say is bad for you, then a few days after they say its good for you
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