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I have never been a fan of paper training. I am a fan of paying constant attention to the pup and getting them outside regularly. I have two four month old Alaskan Malamutes and both were trained to sleep in crates, but were lose in the house with us so long as we were there to watch. There were occasional accidents, but really not many. It's all about consistancy, yes, but that can just be you taking the dog out every 20 minutes. They really should only be crated when you can't watch them. If you want to have the pup out of the crate try tethering her to you with a leash. She goes where you go. Tie the leash around your waist if it's easier. But if she's attached to you she won't be able to wander off and have an accident, you will be paying attention to her and see when she starts acting as if she needs to go. You will quicky learn her signs. When she goes outside your exuberant praise will quickly teach her that's the place to go. At six months she should certainly be able to learn this. Good luck.
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