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its ok, forgive me for being off. This whole weekend has been very stressful for me. My cat has been sick and I have strep throat. As for me saying the wrong place its a. . odd story so stay with me.

I have been calling many vets to find out what information I can such as prices, how they handle walk ins and so forth. well, I called this one place and they told me their information. they actually do walk ins and for just a basic exam is about $30. So, I told the person that was giving me a ride to the vet and they said they knew where it was. To keep this story short we basically went to the wrong vet which basically held their exams at $50. . . and so forth.

At the vet they gave her subcutaneous fluids as well as a antiemetic injection. The vet told me that with out any blood test or x-rays (each costing about $150) that there is only so much that can be done. The medicine I was given is Famotidine and she explained its to decrease stomach acid/nausea.
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