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Well, it's reassuring to hear that she did get to see a Vet....I think, that is...but

what's this all about:
I actually went to the wrong place

Originally Posted by Darklus View Post
...(Vet) gave me some stomach medication to see if that helps...
Exactly what was she given? The drug name is usually printed on the label if you don't have the original container.

Now, you also said
intestines appear irritated
Do you remember exactly what you were told about this? Exactly how do you understand that this medicine will help her?

I probably sound like I'm nit-picking.....but, where it comes to health issues, attention to details can count for everything.

Oh, and...
Quote: with most nutrition is when it comes to food (be it cat or people food) things are not always so straight forward.
Hmmmmm. I'd say, OK....IF you are willing to insert the word "SOME" in there, as in "some things..."
the more i learn about (some) people, the more i luv my cats
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