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Hi Darklus and welcome to the forum! was the first online forum I joined - that was six years ago when there was a huge petfood recall going on all over North America.

I learned a lot right from my first post here - I thought I had been doing all the right things for my kitties.....what I immediately discovered was that, where nutrition was concerned, my knowledge had come from the petfood industry and, gawwwwwwwwwd....was it ever completely wrong**!

I'm hoping that you're open to a little discussion/conversation about "cat stuff" ...all of our circumstances are different, but there are still commonalities possible within the boundaries/restrictions we face individually....would you be up for that?

**among a long list of things was to learn/understand was what a cat needs to eat to stay healthy....and that, what I had been feeding was taking kitties and me down a doomsday road!
the more i learn about (some) people, the more i luv my cats
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