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Unhappy my poor baby

I am not sure where to turn to and seeing a vet is nearly impossible seeing as i have no money. I am doing my best to save up but in the mean time well, i will just explain. My cat's name is Crescent, she is a 10 year old tabby and for the most part she seamed in fine health until a day or so ago. after eating her dry food she would simply throw it up, her throw up basically just looked like undigested, finely chewed up food. Now, she has been on a dry food diet her whole life with no episodes of actually throwing up.

A friend suggested that maybe due to her getting to be older she just needs wet food. now, this appeared to be working, she would actually eat and be fine, but then all of a sudden in the middle of the night hours after eating, she would just throw up what looked like better digested food, with a small clump of hair in it.
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