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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
It's going to take till it all melts out and you can clean the yard up completely...they're persistent, them poop eaters! We taught ours the 'leave it' command, which usually gets us just enough time to get over to them and clean it up before they get to it. Even in winter, they aren't allowed out unsupervised so we can maximize our pick up and minimize spring thaw 'surprises'.
He sure is. I had gone into my yard yesterday and took shovel removed some of his poop. Its the recipe of champions as fars as he is considered. Moses already understands the command leave it. I watched him take his poo and waited for him to go GULP but he did not he wanted inside home. It is impossible to use lease on him I though about this had been suggested from guessing as I could not see name Loki Love. Moses is much to hyper A.K.A. Belgian Malinois he pulls me down and he is going on six months. That is all I need face first in dogs crap Thank you everybody for your wonderful suggestions
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