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My girl MS DU

my girl MS du Came into my life 5 years to day. Still not a lap cat but i love her to death. I love to hear her purr which she does always DU stands for down under cause that is were she was for the first 6 weeks she was under my bed and would only come out when she thought i was asleep. I spent most of that time laying on the floor by her reading aloud
I finally grabbed her cause she stopped eating.Man what she did to my hands!! she was terrified. 3 vets later I brought her to my quite expensive vet surgeon who I have known since high school.
10 minutes later DR press says oh wow look at all theses ear mites ! I t looked like a city in there Dr cleaned them out I brought her home and she started to purr and eat and get petted
Well any way she has come so far she comes up to me for pets and i actually have her trained to jump on the bed to get furminated once a week My old girl. missing teeth, sleeps a lot. gets cranky when someone gets in her way. Boy that sounds a lot like me !
SHE HAS TAUGHT ME 2 VERY IMPORTANT LIFE LESSONS! first is patience. She will sit and stare at me till I do her bidding she never complains or is a nuisance
the second is how little you really need to be happy a little food a safe warm place and the knowledge you are loved is all any soul really needs to be happy.
I love watching her she is the most beautifull pet i have ever seen. One of these days i hope to take a picture that does her justice

Thnk you Leslie at here kitty kitty for allowing me the privilege of having MS DU Thank you Maria my hooman love for not getting a lap cat quite just then ,but we found one for you a year later
Thank you DR meltzer- press for being the best vet I ever saw,SHE WILL BE MY VET FROM ADVARK TO ZEBRA
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