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It's over for now, thank God. Vet wasn't really able to examine her, she was too aggressive and traumatized. She was able to see the hairless patches properly though. She thinks it's probably allergies, so we're trying the Hypoallergenic Medi Cal food for 6 weeks. If that doesn't stop the hairless spots from spreading, we'll go back for a full exam under sedation. She only charged for half a consult, since she wasn't really able to check her out, I thought that was nice of her!

I hate seeing my baby girl like she is when she goes to the vet, it breaks my heart She makes me smile though, because whenever I have to bring her in the cage somewhere, it's always for something really stressful (fire alarm, move, veterinary appointment, etc.) but when we get home, she'll go back in the cage on her own and lie down. Even though the cage is always accessible and open for her to go in, she rarely does, except on these occasions.
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