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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
You might want to read this post by Dr. Lee regarding excessive water consumption:

What sort of tests did your vet do the first time?

As Dr. Lee mentions, if funds are tight, start with a urinalysis. Shouldn't cost that much and will help narrow down some of the possible causes.
I believe they did do that as they had to get his urine. They did the normal tests too for a regular check up and he came up clean.

Jull: We have tried that because sometimes it does seem like he is nearly inhaling his water. We got a special bowl that is supposed to slow him down but he is too smart and found a loophole. We do give him little portions now. It just seems like no matter how much we give him, he still isn't satisfied. He will sit and drink the toilet dry then go somewhere and vomit. Is there any way to make him drink slower other than what you have listed?

It might be that he was a stray but we have had him for nearly 8 yrs now and this only started happening about two years ago so.. He does have extreme anxiety problems to the point where if a phone vibrates he sits in the corner and shakes for an hour and nothing will calm him. I don't know if that could be a factor because he was always like that.

Thank you all for helping. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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