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Thank you everyone for your input. Appointment is Thursday morning. Hoping it will be something simple like allergies. This is causing me a lot of anxiety though... I just want my 'baby girl' to be okay.

Originally Posted by Jull View Post
Have you tried flower essences for her? I give my pups the rescue remedy to calm them down when going to vet, or grooming or any other kind of unpleasant experiences for them
Where does one find these flower essences?

Originally Posted by Jull View Post
I think that by immobilizing Daisy with towels they may only be making the experience even more traumatic for her, or at least that's how I feel, I would hate going to the dentist even more if they tide me up every time
I agree, but there's not really any other way to do it without getting severely scratched and/or bitten.

Originally Posted by Hazmat View Post
Might just be mites or lice.
I highly doubt it since she lives indoors and doesn't come in contact with other animals; these are also rarer in the winter months. Plus, she is not itchy.

Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
cats with thyroids issues will drink more water
Thank you for the link!

I can't really say she's been drinking 'more' water. She's always been a good drinker, which I believe is important when a cat is on a dry food diet.
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