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Unhappy Cat isn't going potty

I've had my baby, Zuko, since he was a couple weeks old, now he's about a year and a half. I haven't changed his diet and he's always gone in his litterbox. I moved into a really small apartment and he was used to a bigger place so I let him go outdoors. Around the same time I got another cat (who's 11). They ended up bringing in a LOT of fleas. It was absolutely horrible. I made them both stay indoors again. They had worms... it was just bad. I got them all taken care of, they're worm/flea free. But the 11 y.o. cat would just about gut my cat if he tried to use the litterbox. She was brutal. I moved in the beginning of April and got rid of her the next day. Zuko still refuses to use the litterbox (unless I lock him in the bathroom with it). I noticed he'd just hold it until he couldn't anymore and I'd find about 3 presents all over the new apartment. I got a new litterbox, changed the litter to this stuff called "CatAttract" which is supposed to be guaranteed to attract the most difficult of litterbox trainees to use it. Now I haven't seen him use the bathroom in two days. He's always had a very constant bathroom pattern. I've never seen him go a day without going potty, let alone two. What do I do??
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