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Originally Posted by Genie View Post
Her diet consists of dry food which contains only chicken, brown rice, and added vitamins & minerals. She drinks a lot of water.

My worries about the upcoming vet appointment is that they will not be able to examine her properly. Daisy does not like other people (other than me) and will be overly aggressive towards them, even in her own home. She's always been like this. Veterinary appointments are always difficult because it requires an assistant wrapping her in 2-3 towels in order to immobilize her and both the assistant and the vet need to handle her with gloves.
I think the same as sugarcatmom that this could be food related, but better have the vet check on her.

Have you tried flower essences for her? I give my pups the rescue remedy to calm them down when going to vet, or grooming or any other kind of unpleasant experiences for them; I think that by immobilizing Daisy with towels they may only be making the experience even more traumatic for her, or at least that's how I feel, I would hate going to the dentist even more if they tide me up every time
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