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Originally Posted by Genie View Post

My cat lost a lot of hair on her belly a few months ago. I noticed that the baldness is now creeping down the inside of her back legs and she has a spot on the back of one of her front legs. The skin is pink, looks healthy, no scales, no sensitivity. The newer spots still have some 'peach fuzz' but her stomach is completely bare. The skin does not look dry. I have not noticed any excessive scratching or licking.

She is 7 years old, has been eating the same food for years. Her belly has gotten droopy (hanging) but she hasn't gained any weight. She is strictly an indoor cat and there are no other pets in the household. We haven't moved in a couple years and there has been no redecorating or moving around of the furniture. Her view from the window is a rooftop, so all she sees are pigeons and squirrels. We live on the third and top floor of an apartment building, so there are no neighbours on top.

Thank you!
Does your cat go right onto the rooftop, or just look out a window from there?
I would bring her to a vet and have her thyroids tested ,this can cause a cat to lose fur.
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