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Originally Posted by cherryberry View Post
also pet smart makes the dogs pee and poo inside on the floor. they don't take them outside. so you might bring home a dog that now pees inside. i was going to let jobi go to their doggy camp until i saw all the dogs in the playroom peeing and messing. then the staff cleans it right away. but they are still giving the dog the message that you can pee inside. some dogs that are trained will hold their pee all day waiting to be taken outside. which is not good. so i think i will let him be there for 2 or 3 hours for exposure, then pick him up.
I did not know that pet smart did that , it does not sound very smart to me.
Marty get to go outside to poop and pee ,but other dogs had peed inside the building and Marty will pee there too and I have him pee before bringing him inside.
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