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Originally Posted by social-worker View Post
This is one of the cases that Kimberly Thomas of Kismutt Rescue is heavily involved in. She has been in this barn many many times taking their cull dogs. She has access to all the puppy mills in Ontario.

This Friday, April 5th, is the hearings for both the Township and the OSPCA to present their evidence. If the judge feels there is enough evidence , then he will set a trial date.

If the judge does not feel there is sufficent evidence, it would be all over.

I will keep you posted of the outcome from Kimberly Thomas of Kismutt Rescue.

All rescues are so proud of her and the work she has done over the past 10 years in these horiffic Amish puppy mills in Ontario.

Please see her on the cover of Dogs Dogs Dogs Magazine this month.
so they do exist here in ontario? i thought they were only in the states. it may be wrong but i have this hate on for anything amish. the furniture i see being sold, i just think of how they raised the money to make it and i think of puppy mills. is this a real big prob in ontario with the amish or rare?

thank you
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