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I have lost many a furry loved one. Everytime I go alone, it is my responsibility to hold and give that final I love you to my pet. Our furry family request nothing tenderness, love, playing and fed everything we as humans are responsible to give. I have always gone alone drove and sometimes pulled over overwhelmed and grief sticken it is normal. I would not want anyone with me this is my responsibility my pet only wants to look into my eyes and feel my tender love when the time comes. I also have a Vet that does this in home which offers a better choice last time sadly I did not have that choice as my Beloved Zorba had to go to Vet this Vet on holiday at that time. You sound like a very stongwilled person and clearly have made up your mind, please have a discussion with your female friend before it is to late. When the time comes everyone here is going to here for you at your time of need. You love your cat this is a bond that is never going to be broken no matter what
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