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End of Life Offer - No, Thanks

What do you think of this? My good friend who I exchange pet sitting and walking with as needs be has said she'll come with me when it's time. I told her one of our cats is near the end of her life and my friend immediately volunteered to come to the Vet with me when it's time. She and I have agreed we are not letting the husbands come with us, they can't handle it.

My first reaction was, oh no, I want to do that myself. I can do that myself. And I said so. Then of course I thought, maybe she thinks I was hinting. Maybe she is hinting, though her current crew are all too young for that. Now I feel badly that I so quickly said no. She says she's volunteered for a neighbour lady too, with her old and ailing dog. She knows me much better than this other lady.

Maybe she's worried about me driving when I'm grief stricken. But I want to be alone in my grief and I can drive, I have before, I can again.

What do you think? Would you take a good friend up on such an offer? I
am not going to, I'm not asking for reasons to change my mind. I just wonder how other folks feel they would react?
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