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So, the oat grass is okay (as opposed to the outside grass)?

I was wondering about her having less protein...I'd like to look into that. Any tips on where to research "other options"?

Yes, I have her test results. Biochemistry: Urea is increased at 15.4 as is her creatinine at 319. Anion gap is 26.6. Haematology: White cell count 4.0 (decreased with normal 4.2-15.6) - she has always had low white cell count... Her hematocrit is 0.46. Decreased neutrophils and lymphocytes.

Her urinalysis showed sediment (moderate amorphous debris and transitional epithelial 1-5/HPF).


CBC: Mild neutropenia - cells have mild toxic change. May support foci of pooling or increased tissue demand. Stress lymphopenia. HCT - dehydration. T4looks ok.

Urinalys: Isosthenuria.

Biochemistry: Renal azotemia.

Obviously there is much more on the results that I don't understand but these are the values which are out of normal range.

P.S. Thank you so much for your reply...
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