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Originally Posted by Marley&me View Post
Ty all so much for the tips!!! Marley is going on 4 months so he is def. still learning all kinds of things. I have had so many mixed emotions on getting rid of him, but I really think crate training him will be my best bet. I just cant imagine giving him away, I will be a blubbering mess. He is my side kick right now because I'm home all day with him. He does sleep with me as well, probably not the best habit I have created with him. But, the good thing is that Marley does have a dog house and also a very small crate ( more like one you would take him to the vets in) I leave it open in the kitchen and he goes in it a lot so maybe he wont have as hard of a time with the crate training than I think, as he does like his little crate. If and when I had to leave him alone, I will have my mom and friends come over to take him out to pee and to check on him! I love this lil' guy so much. He has me so wrapped around his paw.* hehehe* Thank you all so much!!!!! [/SIZE]
Cesar Millan give some tips on letting dogs sleeping bed with their owners.
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