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Originally Posted by elseesmom View Post
Our strategy moving forward:
1. J taking over as primary care giver.
2. Trying not to pick her up to put her on her feet when it's time to go outside (that one's hard!) or carry her to the bedroom at night. Actually last night she followed me to the bedroom really nicely - and was rewarded with a liver treat
3. Find an obidience class for basic training and comands - which will help bond J and Elsee and help Elsee learn what behaviour her humans expect from her. (and that what we expect will not cause her harm)
4. Doggy day care (one day/week?) so she can learn how to act like a regular dog, by example of how the other dogs are socializing - without her mama present to offer constant reassurance.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Oh happy spring!
It sounds like a really good plan of action - please keep us updated on your progress
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