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I find this to be very scary. J. is threatening her. J. should not be putting his face so close to a timid dog that she can kiss him. I know J. doesn't mean to threaten her but one day she might get up enough confidence to tell him to back off and bite him. She's barely been with you a month. Don't put your face right in front of her. In many species, humans included, staring, close face contact are social taboos and are threatening to the receiving parties.
I think we agree to disagree here longblades - I don't see how you can say J. is threatening her based on the info presented. (You'd have to know the dog's state of mind to be sure about this).
Sure it's possible, as anything is possible - but the written facts as i read them aren't strong enough for such an emphatic conclusive statement.

I wholeheartedly agree that J. should become the main caregiver or at least split it 50/50. Group obedience training also highly recommended as is more patience. The dragging by J. doesn't sound like a great idea at this point.

You sound like a wonderful furmamma elseesmom! It sounds to me like your dooger is coming around and just needs a bit more time.
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