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Rabies Fear

I adopted a dog from the humane society with an unknown vaccination history. 7 days ago, she got too excited when I gave her a treat and nipped my hand. The bite was very small and has already healed. I took her to the vet today to get a checkup and her vaccinations. I told the vet what happened with the bite, and she did a full checkup and administered her vaccines, including her rabies shot.

I've heard that you should wait 10 days after a bite to vaccinate your dog, but she assured me that she appeared healthy after 7 days and it would be ok. Is she wrong? Why are you not supposed to vaccinate your dog during the 10 day waiting period? Is the vaccination somehow going to mask her symptoms if she did have rabies, and am I now at risk of not knowing that she has it and contracting it? She appears completely healthy and is very even tempered. I'm worried, and I don't know enough about rabies vaccines to know if my vet made the right choice. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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