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I've attached a photo. She's irresistibly cute!
Thank you for your comments. More time and patience. Got it
I agree that J should take over the feeding and walking. We shall begin that process this weekend. Also, obedience training would be great. She's actually not trained at all. I am unsure of where to start with basic commands because she's not food motivated (in addition to her "bull stubbornness"). So we will definitely seek the help of a professional. Any thoughts on one of us or both doing the obedience training with her? And if just one, then should it be J or I?
To Barkingdog- If we don't pick her and take her to the bedroom she will stay on the couch, which I would prefer she not. No particular reason...just a clear "now it's sleep time" habit for her. She already spends 90% if the day laying on the couch/pet bed in the den. I do understand the logic behind your suggestion but she has no fear of the bedroom whatsoever and once she's on her bed she doesn't move around the room or express any desire to go back to the den. And she doesn't resist being picked up and carried. So should I let her just stay on the couch??
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