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Smile Rescue dog - still not entirely trusting

(Apologies in advance for the length of my rambles)
My partner and I adopted Elsee about 5 weeks ago. She is a 3 year old, female, English bulldog x beagle. She was rescued from a puppy mill in the States and lived in a great foster home from about Dec 2012-Feb 2013. She has a very calm and loveable demeanor. She has come SUCH a long way since we've had her but I am still facing 2 main issues (both stemming from not being able to trust anyone in the past, I believe):
1. She became attached to me quite quickly but she is still uncertain of J. I am the primary care-giver (this was a conscious decision) and she is becoming more and more playful and affectionate with me every day(well....she has always given non-stop kisses!), especially when we are on the couch cuddling/play wrestling or when we are outside (chasing each other, play bows, etc.). But around J (or any stranger) she is skittish even though he gives her tons of love. She hardly moves around the condo at all but she doesn't hide either. Once she's in her bed or on the couch, she will not move unless we pick her up (see issue no. 2!) so he can approach her and pet her or pick her up with no reaction (and recently she has started giving him little kisses because he leaves his face in front of her for long enough lol) but if he moves too quickly or if she has to pass by him to get from one room to another, she gets afraid and scrambles to get away. Any loud noise or large object she's not used to frightens her. She is mostly a "bolter" but if she can't get away (ie: on the leash outside or on the elevator) she will freeze and cower. She shows zero aggression and does not "fear pee" She will let him lie on the couch with her but if he wants her to come closer for kisses he has to pick her up or drag her over. J loves Elsee soooo much but after 5 weeks of being patient and letting her adjust to her new home I can tell that it is starting to get to him. What can we change or try to get Elsee to attach more to J?
2. She will not come when she is called. Her nick name is "concrete ass" because she won't get up for anything! And she is not food motivated so I don't know how to encourage her to "come". She doesn't ask to go outside (which is fine because we have her on a regular schedule for taking her out) so I will put the leash on her (while she is lying down) but she will NOT jump off the couch or step out of her bed. She's not scared of the leash at all either because she's fine when she sees J or I approach her with it or once she's up (ie: leaving the "doggy business" area or walking from the condo to the elevators and through the lobby). We have to pick her up and put her on her feet to go outside and carry her to the bedroom when we go to sleep at night. And she is an awkward 45 lbs to carry! I will say, however, that the one instance she will "come" is after she's done her business. It's become a habit now that when she's finished, I will crouch down and call her and clap and get very animated and she charges at me with excitement and then we play and run around a bit. Any thoughts or advice on either issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your replies.
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