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A Similar Symptom

With regards to a heaving dog, we've got our 10yr old Jack Russel / Blue Heeler mix who we adopted from our local humane society when he was 7yrs old. He's been pretty much quite healthy except when he gets overheated and has seizures so we make sure he doesn't get too hot and ensure he's always got plenty of water at hand.

Cree our dog has developed some issues we're not sure if it needs vet attention or not so thought I'd ask here to see if it's something to be concerned about.

Cree developed a fairly large lump just in front of the top of his thigh/side that is solid/firm and unable to manipulate it. With this lump, he started coughing and dry heaving all the time. He's still really active and eats/drinks well. He just coughs/heaves constantly. Once in a while he'll vomit a bit of clear/foamy liquid I assume is stomach fluids but never contains food or anything else. He doesn't chew anything - no bones, chewies, socks, shoes, or toys so figure it can't possibly be a blockage. But what has me concerned is when I press on the lump, he goes into a coughing/heaving fit and will bring up that fluid I mentioned.

Should we be concerned? We love him very much and want to make sure we take him to the vet if it's something that needs attention.

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A few possibilities come to mind: gastro-intestinal distress such as esophageal reflux, food allergies/intolerance, excessive gas production.

But, there could also be what is called "reverse sneeze" by older veterinarians (and I would never consider my youthful self older...), and this is a stimulation of the nerve bundle in the retropharyngeal or back area of the throat. The dog stars to snort and suck air at the same time, not dangerous but pretty dramatic. No treatment for this manifestation.

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