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Hello form Central Alberta

Just wanted to say hello and introduce ourselves. Our 40 month old Border Collie Nikki just had congenital extra hepatic portosystemic shunt surgery on Thursday March 21st at the CARE centre in Calgary . She was finally diagnosed for it the beginning of March after years of dealing with some issues .

She is doing really well, no seizures and we get to bring her home tomorrow after consulting with her surgeon and getting some post op prep info.

Life is just not the same without her and we miss her so very much , just praying that all goes well and she can live a long and healthy happy life with us and do what she loves to do, herd the cattle ,play ball and go torment the llama and go everywhere we go.

I am a rancher full time and raise purebred registered Gelbvieh cattle . My husband has a career in the oil and gas sector that takes him away from home most of the time so it is usually just myself and little Nikkle, the Kit Kat my 10 year old polydactyl tabby ,Pinta a 7 yr old blk lab cross that we rescued in 2006 , my 15 year old horse Sierra , 5 year old Marshmallow our llama and all of the cattle .

Thanks and I am looking forward to reading and learning a lot .

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