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Hazel, his eye was okay so I did get him to obedience. I slept in, had to make up a little time whilst driving and eat brekky on the road, but we got there. He took one look at a Siberian Husky pup and wanted to kill it! Naughty Roo! Now everyone will be scared of him. Then, because that stirred him up, he also took a dislike to a brand new member's Great Dane baby, however I let him meet that a second time and he was okay. The Sibe, well I don't think Roo liked the blue stary eyes, the sharp erect ears and the way it towered over him. None of the dogs like it. Aaawww, poor lonely little Sibe, hey? Anyway, he met his first long coat GSD and though a little in awe of its size was happy enough to meet it. Good thing after my friend's GSD put on a psycho act and scared him. He was all over the place on the lead today, cool and breezy weather though. Now we have a fortnight's break because of Easter so I will have to take him out for some socialising. The good news is that his car sickness was vastly improved. Yay!
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