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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
My mind is so conditioned to looking at dog photo's that the first photo I glanced at(not necessarily the first you put up) made me think what a different looking dog. LOL. Aren't the brushes on their tails fabulous? While Kai has a very sweet expression and startling color, my favorite might be Tippy. Are they an animal that enjoys cuddling, or very aloof?
Goldfields, I absolutely adore their white tip-of-tails too! It makes them stand out in my opinion. Foxes are somewhere between cats and dogs; while they're not as cuddly and affectionate as dogs, they're far from being as aloof as most cats are (I own both cats and dogs too, so I'm speaking by personal experiences). Foxes do like to cuddle, and often climb on you and gently nip your fingers to play! When you come home, a fox will be so excited it will start screaming of happiness, wag its tail like crazy and jump on you! However, once they calm down, they mind their own business (pretty much like cats) but they will come to you for a play if you call them! The relationship you can have with a fox is very different from a cat/human or dog/human relationship.

Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
Some of the foxes that are in cages looks very trapped and frighten. I feel real bad for all of the foxes . They belong out in the wild being wild animals not some lap dog!
Those foxes were all meant to be killed in fur farms if it weren't for us. Would you rather see them be electrocuted and then skinned, or as someone's spoiled, beloved and respected four-legged companion? Plus, I don't see where they look trapped or frighten. None of them are in cages. Where do you see a cage? These foxes seek human attention, they're far from being wild and would not survive too long if they were dumped out in the forest.
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