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Question Options for dry baths


Our 18 year old goddess here has VERY long fur which we trim and she has never been much of a groomer and now that she's older although she's in good shape she barely grooms AND she ALWAYS manages to get her coat all dirty, always gray instead of white with black spots of god knows where does she go to take a nap around the garden.
Whenever she takes a bath whether at the vet or by us she gets really depressed for about 3 days and seems that every time she bathes it's more stressing and depressing and takes her longer to snap out of her discomfort due to having a bath so we don't want to bathe her anymore. So I was thinking what could be really good to remove all the dirt in dry or at least not wet as in bath wet.
She always manages to get really dirty even with her trimmed fur.
Anyone knows something that could work for all her fur coat that actually drags and removes the dirt from her?
The goddess in her already trimmed fur version below
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