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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
There are too, too many cattle dogs in shelters if you should ever feel like rescuing one. You would never regret it, they have a ton of personality. Hope everyone will keep fingers crossed for my baby, Roo. I accidentally gave him a nasty poke in the eye, in other words I put a hand out to stop him jumping and we collided. I have luckily got eye ointment I could put in it to soothe it, but tomorrow's obedience class , well, we'll see how he is in the morning. I'm on a major guilt trip at the moment, poor boy.
How does Roo's eye look now? Poor Roo! I had done that with Marty by mistake but I did not poke his eye too bad and I still felt awful! That is sad that there are so many cattle dogs in shelters , that means people are not finding anything out about the dog breed and just buying a puppy because it so cute. Unfortunately I would not be a good owner for a cattle dog as they need to a job or plenty of exercising to be happy dogs. I can see how much
personality your dogs have , I get a laugh just looking at their photos.
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