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Well I finally managed to have a discussion with the regular vet. She said that Tabitha's blood work has changed from a couple of yrs ago. However she wasnt overly concerned. She would like me to try a couple of things to help Tabitha out. First off we are going to try the Mirtazapine and see how she reacts. If she goes loopy on it we will discontinue. It is only 1/8th of a pill so hopefully this increase her appetite.

The vet also recommeded dermal codine which if I understood her correctly this is for pain management and it is a cream rubbed into her ears.

In addition she would like me to give Tabitha a phosporus binder? I have to take the the time to look into this part as I am not sure what the reasoning is?? we talked about so many things that I honestly forget??

Tabitha has stopped urinating outside the litter box but I had to do some major cleaning of carpets in the bedrooms where she was going. As a result I have had to place litter boxes in the bedrooms which she is now using instead of the floor!
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