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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
These two have chips already, and we may get them tattoo'd when we spay/neuter them, we'll see. The only thing with the chips and tattoo's is, like I said, the dog still needs to be found first and if they are stolen.... I don't like the idea of leaving them outside, but DH is home 90% of the time. After our experience with Shadow though, outside is a better choice. I do want to work on the crate training with them so they could stay inside also. They don't like staying in the crates during the day, they crate like a dream at night though. Go figure! They have also nearly outgrown their crates, next step is the XL crates. $$$ (x2).
If you do get your puppies tattoo I would NOT do it on their ears. When I got my hearing dog I was told the dogs uses to get their ears tattoo, but when the dog was stolen the poor dog ear would be cut off! So the dogs got chips instead. People loves to steal well trained dogs . I know you're very good dog owners , it's the people that steal dogs that have me worried.
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