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I personally like EVO 95%. Those things happen and they voluntarily recalled it (although sometimes there isn't much of a choice once authorities found out and if they are honest people once themselves found out).
I think they provided good quality in the past and this is going to be a big blow on them financially. Certainly there was a flaw by not testing the poultry more often or the handling wasn't the proper one I guess but I don't think this would scare me off buying their products in the future if things get cleared out well.
Just like RUSTYcat I'm not a basher or a promoter, it's just my opinion and I like the brand but I do understand how it's going to make people give it a thought or at least more research before buying it. Even myself.

On a side note poultry is never the most reliable thing. Tends to carry salmonella often, maybe barely in Canada but yes in a lot of other countries. By the way even if it had the bacteria if it's really well cooked and handled in a clean environment it shouldn't be a major cause of concern, however we're not there to see how any pet food company handles poultry.
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