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Originally Posted by StevenL View Post

My cat seems to have a cold. He is hiding under the bed and will not eat or drink. This happened the day before yesterday when he stopped eating. Last night he came out from under the bed to sleep between my wife and I, but when I awoke he had retreated to under the bed again. He seems to be sneezing and has a wheeze in his throat, if you know what I mean.

I'm not sure what could've caused this, he is an indoor cat only, and never goes out. The other day we ran out of cat food (Evo, for what its worth), and the store was closed, so we fed him one meal of tuna, and then for his next meal he has some Wellness dry food. Is it possible this sudden change in diet affected him this way? His brother is doing fine and experience the same brief dietary change.

Any tips? Do I just wait it out?
You need to bring your cat to vet right away if does not drink any water for a few days! Your cat will get dehydrated and that is not good! Call your vet up and let them know what is going on ,you can't let it pass.
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