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Originally Posted by marko View Post
This is why we say "referred obedience trainer" from someone you trust.

The choke chain imo, does have its place in a few situations but on a puppy is never one of them...

If you have the budget and are at a loss for quality resources I highly recommend the video or DVD from tenderfoot training. The video shows you how to train your dog and establish leadership.

They help on this site regularly and their philosophy of building the relationship with the dog through leadership and love (so that the dog listens and wants to listen) works......and that's why I personally refer to them over and over and over. Just so it's perfectly clear, and in the interest of full disclosure, I do not profit financially in any way at all from referring to them. I simply appreciate sound, simple and logical advice from extremely helpful and friendly professionals with multiple decades of experience.

Good luck!
I have gone to pet store and had been provided with a collar that has a chain in center. The purpose of this collar is it makes a noise in the ear harmfull but suppost to be good for training. I would also like to find out about this DVD you are mentioning, the obedience classes support positive reinforcement the other one is plain brutal hence not going. Moses deserves the best and if there is a possibility I could do it alone then I would rather do it that way. He still requires socialization around people without going show should I put this cuckoo thank you
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