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Time to say hello

Hi, my name is Kerstin, and I've already written a post asking for advice/support in the cat health group. So I won't seem horribly rude, I suppose an intro is in order. As my screen name says, I'm a mom to five kitties - plus two dogs, but I couldn't think of a pithy screen name to indicate that. Sevenpetmom? Nah.

So yes, hubby and I live in Massachusetts with our herd:

Kitties, oldest first:
Denver, 11. A Balinese. He's actually from Canada
Samson, 8. Looks like a chubby Siamese, but is a mix of unknown origin.
Boris, 3. Short haired orange boy. He's the resident love bug.
Dominic (Nicky), 2. He's an orange medium haired kitty. He and Boris were both adopted from a shelter. Nicky had a rough life as a baby. He was brought in with a broken hind quarter and was clearly abused.
And the infamous Mia (Amelia), 1, a brown tabby Maine Coon.

Pups. Both are Italian Greyhound Girls. (I'd only ever owned cats before and researched long and hard for a dog breed that's most cat-like, so it would be a gentle easing into dog ownership)
Toto, going to be 10 soon. Mellow as can be, but never far from my side. I call her my shadow.
Nina, (aka Drama queen), going to be 9 this year. I call her miserable mutt, because she is not happy unless she's whining about something.

They're our kids now that our human daughters are grown and moved out, and I honestly would not know what to do without them
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