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I definitely will send the whole gang a thank you note

Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I think it would nice if your send your vet a thank you note . I never heard of a vet doing that and there was no way for the vet to know your cat would have any reactions the surgery stitches. I hope your kitty will have quick recovery
Of course, knowing our Mia, things weren't going to go without a hitch. At one point last night, despite the collar, she managed to pull one drain out completely, and tighten the second one so much, that she was actually hurting. So I called the poor vet on emergency duty at 6 am, asking what to do now!

She sounded a bit exasperated (had her baby in her arms from the sound of it) but was very helpful. Told me to go ahead and take the second drain out, seeing how it was now hurting Mia instead of helping, and to stop by when the office opened at 8 and they'd check her over.

It took me quite a while to cut off the second drain. She had that sucker tied around her skin so tightly, that it actually tore into both drain holes a bit.

So finally, when the vet office opened, we headed over there - in a snowstorm, of course - and the senior doctor was on duty. Needless to say, Mia is now infamous over there. They've never met a cat quite like her before. They swore up and down that she didn't touch her drains at all when she was with them. Well, like I said - Mrs. Hyde.

The good doctor simply flushed betadine through the holes, squeezed a little, and told us to do the same thing for a couple of days, until the wounds heal from the inside out. Warm compresses, etc, finish the clamavox, and then come back for the actual suture removal.

I have a feeling we'll probably be there again before that....
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