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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
I recently spoke to DH about putting a lock on the gates because the plan is to let the dogs stay outside when nobody is home. I told him that I worry that someone would steal them. He thinks I'm an idiot basically. That's never going to happen.... Besides they have chips and we can tattoo them.... I explained that if they got stolen you would have to actually find them again before you could prove the chip or tattoo made them yours. He doesn't want to put locks on the gates. I explained how them being purebreds, male and female, young, they would be prime targets for theft. He still thinks I'm nuts.
I think these days you just can't be careful enough! I would even think of the darn teenagers that have nothing better to do with their time and could go and open the gate and let them out! oi! I would just be so paranoid, I think a lock is good. My little ones are always inside, and I still worry about them when I am gone and they are alone, and I always make sure the alarm is on!
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